“…you could see a full-bodied, often eerily precise Knoxville Symphony Orchestra interpreting Max Richter’s “recomposed” version of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons — interrupted by an applauding crowd too enamored with violinist Yuki Numata Resnick’s blazing solo.”
— Rolling Stone
“Yuki Numata seemed unfazed by the spikiness and visceral power of its solo line, and she often made it sing.”
— New York Times
                                                     Photocred: Mark Shelby Perry

                                                     Photocred: Mark Shelby Perry

“Numata Resnick may have been the single most accomplished and impressive solo performer at the entire fest, technically impeccable and charismatic.”
— Knoxville Mercury
“Violinist Yuki Numata played with bristling efficiency, rising to efflorescences of brilliance when a passage demanded it.”
— Sydney Morning Herald