“…you could see a full-bodied, often eerily precise Knoxville Symphony Orchestra interpreting Max Richter’s “recomposed” version of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons — interrupted by an applauding crowd too enamored with violinist Yuki Numata Resnick’s blazing solo.”
— Rolling Stone
“Yuki Numata seemed unfazed by the spikiness and visceral power of its solo line, and she often made it sing.”
— New York Times
                                                     Photocred: Mark Shelby Perry

                                                     Photocred: Mark Shelby Perry

“Numata Resnick may have been the single most accomplished and impressive solo performer at the entire fest, technically impeccable and charismatic.”
— Knoxville Mercury
“Violinist Yuki Numata played with bristling efficiency, rising to efflorescences of brilliance when a passage demanded it.”
— Sydney Morning Herald
In Resnick’s interpretation of Bach, her tone achieved unity in spite of dichotomy–incisive yet rich, mournful yet resilient. The fourth movement in particular revealed the depth of the violinist’s skill. The speed and dexterity, the effortless deluge of notes were nothing short of breathtaking.